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Aliens Colonial Marines Lurker

From Aliens: Colonial Marines, the first-person shooter game by Gearbox Software, comes a frighteningly well detailed Play Arts Kai action figure of the Lurker that measures about 8-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 4-inches long. Its joints allow for a wide range of motion, and the flexible materials incorporated into the figure and the bendable wired tail allow you to enjoy maximum poseability. That

Our Price:   $89.99
Item:  10016716
Out of Stock

Amazing Spider-man 2 Movie Electro Bobble Head

Celebrate The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Electro Bobble Head features the supervillain as a 7-inch bobbler. This great wacky wobbler of Jamie Foxx's Electro is a must-have for Spider-Man fans! Item weight: 0.5 lb. 3" x 3" x 7" tall. Plastic. UPC: 849803039752. Ages 14 and up.

Our Price:   $13.99
Item:  10016604
Out of Stock

Anchorman Ron Burgundy 13-inch Talking Action Figure

The legendary Ron Burgundy wanted to make sure his wisdom would be passed down to future generations completely intact. Enter: the Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy 13-Inch Talking Action Figure! Looking great in the 1:6 scale, this amazing 13-inch tall action figure states 10 phrases from the Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy film.

Our Price:   $49.99
Item:  10016641
Out of Stock

Avengers Hulk 12-inch Action Figure

Hulk smash! Super-size your Marvel superhero adventures with this incredible Titan Hero Series Hulk figure! This gamma-green Avenger is ready to open up a large-sized attack on the foes of justice everywhere with his smashing, destructive strength. With him at your side, there's no telling where your adventures will take you!

Our Price:   $26.00
Item:  10016290
Out of Stock

Batman Dc Comics Boxos Activit

Batman as Boxos! This Batman DC Comics Boxos Papercraft Activity set is a must-have for Batman and papercraft fans alike. The papercraft activity set includes a fold-out Wayne Manor / Batcave along with Boxos figures of Alfred, Bruce Wayne, Batman, and The Joker plus the Batmobile and customizable stickers! Item weight: 0.6 lb. Set: 12" x 8" x 2" high. Paper. UPC: 830395031804. Ages 8 and up.

Our Price:   $15.00
Item:  10016273
Out of Stock

Batman Harley Quinn Dc Comics

Joker's main squeeze. The self-proclaimed girlfriend of Batman's most maniacal nemesis is now a stylized Pop! Vinyl Figure! Item weight: 0.3 lb. 3¾" tall. Vinyl. UPC: 830395034386. Ages 5 and up.

Our Price:   $9.99
Item:  10016552
Out of Stock

Batman Harley Quinn With Mallet

Joker's main squeeze. The self-proclaimed girlfriend of Batman's most maniacal nemesis is now a stylized Pop! Vinyl Figure! accessorized with her signature mallet! 

Our Price:   $9.99
Item:  12010299
Out of Stock

Batman Pop! Heroes Vinyl Figure

Inspired by designer toys and stylized character collectibles the world over, Funko is back with Funko Force 2.0! This adorable collectible figure comes packaged with a smile-- specifically, yours! The unique design brings Funko's house style into the world of plastic figures, and we just know that Batman is going to look great on your desk. 

Our Price:   $9.99
Item:  10016560
Out of Stock

Battlestar Galactica Bobble Head

Careful there! No one will dare touch your computer with this Cylon Centurion perched on your monitor. Based on the Battlestar Galactica sci-fi TV series, the 4 1/2-inch scale miniature bobble head is made of PVC plastic and attaches to the surface with a non-damaging adhesive pad. He'll ward off any feeble attempts by those pesky humans to access your valuable data! 

Our Price:   $20.00
Item:  10016269
Out of Stock

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